Zhylagan-ata Cave

About Zhylagan-ata Cave

Zhylagan-ata can be found in the Turkestan Region of southern Kazakhstan at the foot of the Karatau Range eastern slope. It is about 100 km from the city of Turkestan. The depth of the cave is 50 meters. It is popular among pilgrims for it is here that the rocks weep, hence another name this cave is known for is the Weeping Rock. The cave is basically a large grotto with an underground spring. Water begins to flow when a man with a pure soul and good intentions reads the Koran. Another thing connected with holy power is a popular belief that if a childless woman spends a night in the cave, it will bear a child soon after.

At the top of the mountain on the way to the cave, there is a well. On the stones around the cave, you can see some footprints of a large man. And to the right of the cave entrance there is a mausoleum. The entrance to the cave is situated 15 m above a small river of the same name.

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