Waterfalls in Almaty region area

Bear waterfalls or Turgen gorge
Bear falls is a waterfall found in the Almaty Region of Kazakhstan. The falls is in a deep rock niche on the southern slope of the Karash range, where Bear Creek flows from under the Zhambas Pass.
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Big Shymbulak Waterfall
The waterfall is located in a deep and narrow rock canyon in Kazakhstan, 400 meters from the main gorge. The canyon has a narrow possibility that it is necessary to move along the riverbed.
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Burhan Bulak Waterfall
Burhan-bulak Falls is the tallest waterfall in Kazakhstan. It is located in the Kora River gorge in the Jongar Alatau mountains. At an altitude of 2000 metres, the Falls are 168 metres long.
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Butakovskiy Waterfall
Butakovskiy Waterfall, or in short Butakovka, is a favorite place to enjoy the view and cool photos of both locals and guests of Almaty. Some locals love to visit the waterfall so much that they go there at least once a month.
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Kairak Waterfall
Kairak Falls is a waterfall on the Kairak River in the Enbekshikazakh District in the south of Almaty Region of Kazakhstan on the right tributary of the Turgen River. The source of the river is located in the glaciers of the central part of the Zailiysky Alatau ridge
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