Toikazan Festival

About Toikazan Festival

Toikazan takes place in October in Almaty. This is a festival of national cuisine for the guests and the people of Kazakhstan. In 2018 Toikazan had its sixth annual celebration in Kazakhstan. The word toikazan means festive cauldron – and is a symbol of friendship. So it is not surprising that the cauldron brings relatives together at weddings, birthdays, or the arrival of the spring holiday. According to its hosts, the main idea of the festival is to strengthen friendship and fraternity, which binds all the people living in this multinational country by the virtue of promoting its rich national cuisine.

The dishes introduced at the festival, always manage to impress people with their great variety, and, how astonishing, meat is the main component of any traditional meal in Kazakhstan. So be prepared to try Beshbarmak, Kuyrdak, and Shashlyk. Apart from the food tasting, the guests of the festival may watch competitions between the best cooks of the country prepare their best renditions of Baursaks and Beshbarmak.

Nowadays, traditional Kazakh food consists not only of Kazakh dishes but also of other nations’. There are 130 nationalities that live in Kazakhstan. No one in Kazakhstan can imagine their lives without Russian borsch, Uzbek plov or Uigur lagman.

And do not be afraid of overeating! When your eyes full with content from the healthy portions of delicious food, you may find that there is something else to occupy them at the festival. For example, you can watch performances with Kazakhs in their national costumes of the earlier years or watch some captivating equestrian games; participate in the assembling of a yurt; watch craftsmen work and buy souvenirs for long lasting memories; in the evening you can enjoy music of Kazakhstani musicians.

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