The Spirit of Tengri Festival

About The Spirit of Tengri Festival

The Spirit of Tengri at the beginning of June is a festival of modern ethnical music. The venue is Almaty. In 2018 the festival had passed for the sixth time. 

With open air performances, modern ethnic music, high-quality sound, accompanied with free entrance – gives all the right characteristics to “The Spirit of Tengri” to be a festival to compete with other large-scale music events in Kazakhstan. Certainly, today “The Spirit of Tengri” is a cultural brand not only for Kazakhstan, but for the whole continent of Asia.

As the hosts themselves say about the festival, The Spirit of Tengri is a multicultural project that is aimed at demonstrating to the world, the ethnic traditions in Kazakhstan. Experienced musicians from over 25 countries around the world had come to The Spirit of Tengri to perform in the past several years. Among them there were Speed Caravan an African-Arabic musical band, Q2A an Israeli band, Abbos a musical Uzbek group, BaBa Zula a Turkish band, Hanggai a Chinese-Mongolian band. Then there was Tilla Török Band & Holdviola Magyari band, Argymak Bashkirian ethnic rockers, The Shin a Georgian trio, also Nordic Namgar Buryat the Mongolian-Finnish-Norwegian musical project, Radik Tyulyush a Master of throat singing with Chalama Tuvian band, and many others. And of course, there were ethnic bands from Kazakhstan, like Tigrahaud, Aldaspan, Sharapat, Roksonaki, The Drums musical project.

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