The Singing Dune in Altyn Emel

About The Singing Dune in Altyn Emel

The peculiar dune or as the locals call it barkhan is located in the corridor between the Dzhungarian Alatau Range and the Big and Small Kalkans Ridges on the territory of the Altyn Emel National Park in Alma-Aty Region of Kazakhstan, 183 km northeast of Almaty.

The Singing Dune is included into the list of the Seven Wonders of Kazakhstan. It is a 3-kilometer-long and 150-meter-high pile of sand. Due to the friction of the grains of sand against each other in dry weather you can hear the “singing” of the barkhan which resembles the sounds of an organ. In addition to the musical background, tourists are attracted by the picturesque panoramic views. The river, the mountains of amazing shades, the crests of sand – all this forms an unusual experience.

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