The Kokshetau Hillocky

About The Kokshetau Hillocky

The Kokshetau Hillocky is located in the north of the country. It occupies the northwestern part of the huge Kazakh Hillocky. This low mountain ridge with projecting rocks has a length of 400 km, and its width reaches 200 km. The highest point of the hillocky is Mount Sinyukha (947 m). The mountain is the most popular in the area and is part of the Burabay (Borovoye) National Park. This part of the hillocky is also called the Kazakh Switzerland with plenty of options for great outdoor pastime.

The Kokshetau National Nature Park is also located in this part of the Kazakh Hillocky. It is home to the Aiyrtau Mountains and the beautiful Lake Shalkar. The lake’s shores are picturesque, and you can meet all sorts of natural wonders there: the rounded boulders and granite stones, natural monuments such as the Stone Waterfall, Sharp Cone (Shishka) and Cracked Mountain, Two Brothers Cones, a huge gorge strewn with granites and many more.

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