The Karkaraly Mountains

The Karkaraly Mountains

The Karkaraly aka Karakalinskiye Mountains are rather low, they are a part of the Kazakh Hillocky area, their highest point is Komsomolsky Peak (1,403 m). Komsomolsky Peak is considered to be a part of Zhirensakal mountain in the southern part of the Karkaraly. Other high peaks include Shankoz (1,360 m) in the north, Koktobe (1,254 m) in the west, Myrzashoky (1,169 m) in the south-west, Akte Rek (1,230 m) in the south-east, Karkaraly (1,206 m) in the north-east. Mount Karkaraly with its serrated outline gave its name to the entire mountain range. There are also many lakes here: the Ulkenkol, Chertovo (Shaitankol), Pashennoye, Bassein, Kishikol, Shurykkol, etc.

Part of the territory occupied by the Karkaraly and Kent Mountains belongs to the Karkaraly National Park. You can go hiking in the mountains and forests on weekends, and they are perfect for people with any level of training.

This small mountain massif surrounds the town of Karkaralinsk, an old district town in the middle of the Kazakh steppe, 220 kilometers east from Karaganda.

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