The Charyn Canyon

About The Charyn Canyon

Being called a smaller carbon copy or a younger brother of the Grand Canyon in America, the Charyn Canyon is located 200 km from Almaty. This gorge is about three kilometers long with rocks of unusual red and orange colour. You can move here only on foot. In the canyon, there is a grove of a relic species of ash – the Sogdian ash – which survived the Ice Age. Another similar grove exists only in North America. The height of the walls reaches 300 meters, and the age of the rocks is more than 12 million years. Surprisingly, the canyon is surrounded by endless steppe. You can be driving a car and then all of a sudden in the middle of the steppe comes a deep fault at the bottom of which is a winding road. Individual parts of the canyon are laden with various legends. The most popular tour is a visit to the Valley of the Canyon Castles.

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