The Boszhira Natural Landmark

About The Boszhira Natural Landmark

The Boszhira plot of land is basically a bunch of rock formations at the bottom of a large canyon in the western part of the Ustyurt plateau on the Mangyshlak Peninsula (300 km from Aktau). It is considered one of the most beautiful places in Kazakhstan. Its name was given by the Boszhira hill. In ancient times, this place was completely hidden by water being at the bottom of the sea. The cliffs here are formed by chalk and limestone strata as well as sandstone. Gazillions of years have passed since they were formed. During this time, they have acquired an interesting relief with unusual shapes. The local landscape is sometimes compared to the extraterrestrial and even called the tract the Kazakh Arizona, only white in color. At the entrance to the site, you will be met by two 200-metre high peaks – a kind of whimsical ‘fangs’ guarding the area. Here is also located Boszhira Mountain of a very modest height, just 287 m a.s.l. When hiking, you should be careful and watch out for scorpions found in abundance in the gorge.

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