Talgar Peak

About Talgar Peak

Peak Talgar is a northern peak in the Tian Shan mountain range in Kazakhstan, named after Talgar river and city. It is the highest peak of the Trans-Ili Alatau. Due to its close proximity to the former capital of Kazakhstan, Almaty, it is a popular mountaineering destination. Sources differ on Peak Talgar’s elevation, but the 4,979 m height is widely quoted.


Since 1939, in the gorge of the Middle Talgar River, there was a climbing camp Metallurg, later renamed Talgar. The camp existed almost until 1990. During this time, 11 routes were laid to the top of Talgar, not counting the very beautiful and diverse paths to nearby peaks, such as Metallurg (4600m), Kopr (4631m), Chekist (4550m), Aktau (4686m), Sportivnaya (4117m) ), Karaulchatau (4504m).

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