Skazka Cave

About Skazka Cave

Skazka (Fairy-Tale) Cave is the deepest in Kazakhstan. It is located in the foothills of the Karatau Range in the south of the country, near Ak-Biik village, 12 km from Zhabagly village. In the old days, geologists were looking for gold in the local mountains, and for this purpose they dug a tunnel to a depth of 50 meters. It was at this depth that they discovered the underground kingdom: a labyrinthine karst caves covered in stalactites.

Back in the day, the cave was still untouched and full of speleothem formations, which earned it the name Fairy Tale or Skazka. Speleologists have studied only 300 meters of its underground passages. In order not to get lost, tourists are advised not to go deeper. Unfortunately, because of its proximity to Shimkent (80 km) it has gradually been subjected to barbaric pillage and its appearance has ceased to resemble a fairy tale elf-like realm. For speleologists, the cave is an ideal training ground – there is water, a labyrinth and vertical walls to combat.

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