Short Tours

Altyn Emel National park Tour /2 days/
Take a two day tour from Almaty to Altyn-Emel National Nature Park located in the Ili River Valley. You will see the unique natural beauty of Kazakhstan – singing sand.
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Burabay National Park Tour /2 days/
The most popular image of Kazakhstan’s nature is vast steppe with furious winds. But just four hours drive from Nur-Sultan (Astana) there is a wonderful national park
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Turkistan Ancient city Tour /2 days/
2 day tour to Turkestan will introduce you to the prominent figure of poet and sufi Hodja Ahmed Yassavi. In Turkestan, the historical centre of the South Kazakhstan you will visit a mausoleum of Ahmed Yassavi.
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Kolsay lakes and Charyn Canyon tour /2 days/
Take a fascinating 2 day tour where you will visit picturesque Kolsay lakes called as pearls of Northern Tyan-Shan. You will have a picnic in a place surrounded by alpine meadows and coniferous
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Altyn Emel National Park and Charyn Canyon Tour /3 days/
3-day tour to Kazakhstan will introduce you to amazing natural sites of Almaty vicinities. You will enjoy wonderful and different views of the biggest Kazakh
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Baikonur Cosmodrome Tour /4 days/
Join Baikonur Cosmodrome tour at Baikonur Cosmodrome to watch manned rocket to take off. While visiting legendary cosmodrome you will see Baikonur museum,
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Turkistan Ancient city Tour /4 days/
4-day Turkestan Pilgrimage Tour to the places related to the name of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi one of the most respected in the Islamic World of sufis and poets.
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