Sasykkol Lake

About Sasykkol Lake

Sasykkol Lake is a lake in eastern part of Kazakhstan. It is located at around 46°35′0″N 81°0′0″E. It has an area of 600 km2 (736 km2 when water level in the lake is high), average depth of 3.3 m and maximum depth of 4.7 m. Fishery on the lake is common. The Mute Swan, Whooper Swan and Spoonbill can be found here.

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Sasykkol lake (translated from the Kazakh language Sasyk – rotten, fetid; Kol – lake), in the Delta of the Alakol state reserve flows the Tentek river in the South, and the river also flows into the Sasykkol lake . The average depth of the lake is about 3 m. , the maximum -4.7 m. the average Annual water level ranges up to 60 cm. due to the fact that the lake is flowing, through the river Zhinishkesu water goes to lake Koshkarkol and then flows into lake Alakol. Since the water in the lake is fresh, its mineralization will change every year from 0.27 to 2.16 g/l.

Lake Sasykkol is part of the Alakol Biosphere Reserve, designated by UNESCO as part of its Man and the Biosphere Programme in 2013.

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