Northern part of Kazakhstan

Bayanaul National Park
Bayanaul National Park is a national park of Kazakhstan, located in southeastern Pavlodar Province, 140 kilometers from the industrially developed city of Ekibastuz, on the outskirts of the Central Kazakh Uplands. Learn More

Kokshetau National Park
Kokshetau National Park features the unique landscape, archaeological sites, and recreational opportunities of the Kazakh Uplands of Northern Kazakhstan. Located in the transition zone between the Siberian taiga Learn More

The Bayanaul Mountains and Baba-Yaga Rock
The Bayanaul Mountains might be rightfully called the most mysterious among all mountain ranges of Kazakhstan. Space-like, incredible, amazing, staggering, striking imagination Learn More

Jasybay Lake
Lake Jasybay is a lake located in Kazakhstan’s Bayanaul National Park, about 85 miles south of Ekibastuz, in south-eastern Pavlodar Region. The lake is 3.5 kilometers (2.2 miles) long and 1.9 kilometers (1.2 miles) wide. Learn More

Siletiteniz Lake
Siletiteniz also Seletyteniz, Seletytengiz is an endorheic salt lake located in Ualikhanov District of North Kazakhstan, near the Russian border. The lake basin covers 777 square kilometres (300 sq mi) but the actual area covered by water varies. Learn More

Akkaragai Mountain and Konyr-Aulie Cave
The Konyr-Aulie Cave is located in the Bayanaul Mountains, in Akkaragai Mountain to be exact. It is on the territory of the Bayanaul National Park in eastern Kazakhstan, 17 km northeast of village Bayanaul. Learn More

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