Koshpendiler Alemi Festival

About Koshpendiler Alemi Festival

Koshpendiler alemi in June – the World of Nomads – is an international festival of the nomad culture. The festival takes place in Nur-Sultan.

In 2019 this festival took place for its fourth appearance and was attended by those who found the nomad spirit close to them. At Koshpendiler Alemi it was possible to feel the spirit that existed several centuries ago in Eurasia. Moreover, by bringing to life the history and traditions of this ancient civilization, it felt like you were a nomad yourself.

The venue had been divided into seven sectors (auls i.e. villages in Kazakh) with an array of nomadic dwellers like brave warriors, sensational archers, brilliant horses, along with the finest craftsmen and ethnic musicians from around the world.

These interesting and fascinating events took place in each aul in the course of the two day festival. For instance, in Ak Mergen (White Archer, which means a neat archer) sector the best archers demonstrated their expertise with bows and arrows; in Shabyt (which means Inspiration) sector musicians and ethnic folk groups performed. In Taiburyl (named after the mythological swift horse of Kobylandy batyr) is where the competitions in asau the national game took place (steering horses); and nearby, in Altyn Saka (popular game with bone dices) sector, there were competitions of Kazakh wrestling, tug-of-war, dice games (a dice made out of young bovine’s ankle bone), a tussle with the participation of a bull, another game where participants should try to lift a sheep, and many other traditional kazakh national games. Keruen sarai was the right place for Kazakh food lovers. In this field that was built for the steppe warriors, people could watch ancient battles recreated in the Batyr (a Kazakh warrior and a strong man) sector. There was also a craftsmen workshop with an exhibition of unique handmade art that was established in the Sheber (i.e. handyman) sector.

The festival had, undoubtedly, made huge impression among the local people as well as among the foreign guests. The event’s hosts declared that they are not intending to stop at this stage – that the festival will become an annual event and, in time, will start expanding its area of celebration into different regions of the country.

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