Korgalzhyn Nature Reserve

About Korgalzhyn Nature Reserve

Korgalzhyn Nature Reserve in Kazakhstan’s Akmola Region was established in 1968 for the preservation of the pink flamingo, a rare migratory bird whose northernmost nesting spot is at Tenghiz Lake inside the reserve.

The protected area, located less than 200 kilometers from capital city Nur-Sultan, extends for nearly a quarter of a million hectares, most of which is occupied by water. Visitors to the park have the opportunity to encounter 42 species of animals, almost 300 species of birds and as many varieties of plants and fish. The number of waterfowl here is particularly impressive and, in addition to the pink flamingo, includes other rare species such as the Dalmatian pelican and mute swan, both of which nest and molt like the flamingo.

Thanks to the large numbers of waterfowl which gather at Tenghiz and Kurgaldzhino Lakes during the spring migratory period, the reserve has received world recognition. In 2012, Korgalzhyn Nature Reserve became the country’s first UNESCO-recognized biosphere reserve, and it remains one of northern Kazakhstan’s most popular natural attractions.

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