Kobeituz pink lake

About Kobeituz Lake

Lake Kobeituz or Lake Kobeytuz is a salt lake in Kazakhstan. It is located at an altitude of 253 meters above sea level, on the territory of the Ereymentau District of the Akmola Region, northeast of the city of Ereymentau. The origins of the name come from the local Kazakh language in which kobei means multiply and tuz means salt.

Hydrological characteristics

It is believed that the presence of the algae Dunaliella salina gives the water its pink tint. This is likely because it is present in several other lakes around the world that have high salt concentrations and turn pink during warm months when the salinity is at its highest. The alga has different structures and appearances depending on the surrounding conditions, and in high-salinity environments like Lake Kobeituz it produces carotenoids that have a reddish hue.


Due to the high concentration of salt, the water of Kobeituz could keep a person afloat, as in the Dead Sea. But swimming in it is unrealistic: the lake is very shallow, the maximum depth is only about 20 cm, that is, you can enter the water only knee-deep. Mostly young people come here for beautiful photographs. Moreover, in order for the color of Kobeituz to be as bright as possible, it is recommended to travel in sunny weather. They say that it is then that microorganisms most actively release their pigment.


There is no infrastructure and amenities at the new pilgrimage site. But, perhaps, the popular place will go into private hands for the development of the destination. It would be very good if places like this lake were given to businessmen who want to develop our tourism. They could invest in the development of tourism, build a separate road so that tourists can get there without any problems. In addition, you can build nearby restaurants, hotels and many useful things to look at this miracle of nature.

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