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Aral Sea Tour /5 days/
5-day tour to the Aral Sea or rather to what that has left from it. To the place where the sand is filling the shores of once the largest region of the lake. To the place where the abandoned settlements live out their remaining days.
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Baikonur Cosmodrome Tour /5 days/
Baikonur tour is a special trip. It was only 25 years ago when it was a closed military town, and today there is a great opportunity to learn about the history of the astronautics, see the samples of real missiles,
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Almaty and Turkistan area tour /6 days/
Discover Kazakhstan’s scenery and history on this 6-day Kazakhstan Classic Tour. Explore major natural sights like the picturesque mountain lake, Issyk, the vast Charyn Canyon, and the waterfalls of the Turgen Gorge.
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Kharkharaly national park tour /7 days/
The tour program starts in Astana and ends in Karaganda (this can be altered in a private tour). Part of the tour travels in the former nucleair test zone close to Semipalatinsk. A short stay in this area is not dangerous for your health,
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Almaty and Nur-Sultan area Tour /7 days/
Amazing 7-day Kazakhstan tour offers you the most interesting tourist spots of Kazakhstan. You will see deep cultural and business life of modern Nur-Sultan (Astana) and Almaty and enjoy breathtaking view of Charyn canyon.
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Almaty Region tour /7 days/
A seven-day tour of Almaty and its vicinities is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the diversity and flavor of Kazakhstan. A combination of sights of the modern metropolis
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The Tien Shan Mountains and Deserts Tour /8 days/
A botanical and birdwatching holiday to the deserts, steppes and lakes of Kazakhstan, including an 8-day walking programme in the spectacular
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Discovery Kazakhstan Tour /10 days/
The itinerary of this classical tour of Kazakhstan includes visits to the country’s main cities, remarkable historical and cultural places and the most beautiful natural attractions.
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Discover Nursultan and Almaty cities area tour /11 days/
Discover Almaty and Nur-Sultan with their surroundings. The tour will acquaint you with the main sights of the cities, unique natural monuments
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Discovery Kazakhstan tour /20 days/
Explore all sides of Kazakhstan during the epic 18-day tour through the country’s most iconic and fascinating sites. From the modern Medeo skating rink to the ancient city of Sauran, the majestic Charyn Canyon
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