Chagan Lake

About Chagan Lake

Lake Chagan or Lake Balapan, is a lake in Kazakhstan created by the Chagan nuclear test on January 15, 1965, which was conducted as part of the Soviet Union‘s Nuclear Explosions for the National Economy program. A 140 kiloton device was placed in a 178-metre-deep (584 ft) hole in the dry bed of the Chagan River. The blast created a crater 400 m (1,300 ft) across and 100 m (330 ft) deep with a lip height of 20 to 38 m (66 to 125 ft); it is often referred to as Atomic Lake

The lake’s water comes from the Chagan River, a tributary of the Irtysh River. The crater lake’s volume is approximately 10 million m3 (350 million cu ft). To the south, the rim of the crater holds back the waters of a second reservoir.

As of August 2021, anyone can enter the area due to negligence, turning the site into a fishing and vacation spot, despite scientists’ warnings of its dangers.

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