Butakovskiy Waterfall

About Butakovskiy Waterfall

Butakovskiy Waterfall, or in short Butakovka, is a favorite place to enjoy the view and cool photos of both locals and guests of Almaty. Some locals love to visit the waterfall so much that they go there at least once a month. Due to the beauty and accessibility of the Butakovskiy Waterfall, people go to the mountains to experience the most picturesque hike in Almaty!

Butakovskiy gorge

Butakovskiy Gorge is located in the mountains of the Zailiyskyi Alatau in the city of Almaty. The gorge is surrounded by picturesque nature, among which are spruce, barberry, mountain ash and even apple orchards. The most attractive part of the gorge is Butakovskiy Waterfall – Upper and Lower. Basically, people are attracted by the appearance and power of the Lower Waterfall, which is also called Bolshoi. Locals simply call this place Butakovka. The name originates from the word Butak, which translates from the Kazakh language as ‘a branch’. The famous Lower Waterfall is 30 meters high, while the Upper Waterfall is 20 meters high. Also, the Lower Waterfall is closer to reach and more powerful-looking. 


Nowadays, Butakovka is a loved place among locals, and history shows it was also popular a long time ago. When Kazakhstan was part of the Soviet Union, there was a tourist recreation center “Prometheus” in the Butakovskiy Gorge, then the place was used as a training camp for athletes. In the 1970s, this place housed the pioneer camp of the Kazakhfilm studio and the writers’ rest house. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, this place became private property. However, any person who visits the place can enjoy the nature of the Butakovskiy Gorge.

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