Almaty Region

Almaty city
Almaty is the largest city in Kazakhstan, with a population of about 2 million. It was the capital of Kazakhstan from 1929 to 1997, when the government relocated the capital to Akmola Learn More

Ski and Sports Facilities
Some sports facilities in the mountains were established in the Soviet times and have been re-equipped to fit the modern standards, others are brand-new and can satisfy even the most fastidious taste. Learn More

Lakes in Almaty region area
Most of Kazakhstan is endorheic basin. As it is expected, the rivers flow into the numerous lakes in the basin. The most important drainage system is known as Yedisu, meaning “seven rivers” in Turkic languages. Learn More

Waterfalls in Almaty region area
The Almaty Region tops many lists with its rich natural attractions, one of which is Burkhan-Bulak, Kazakhstan’s highest waterfall. It is located in the mountainous Jongar Alatau area in the Kora River gorge. Learn More

Altyn Emel National park
Altyn-Emel National Park is a national park in Kazakhstan. It was created in 1996. The park covers about 4,600 km2 (1,800 sq mi) between the Ili River and the Ak-Tau mountain range, Learn More

Ile-Alatau National Park
Ile-Alatau National Park is a national park in Kazakhstan. It was created in 1996 and covers about 200,000 ha. It is situated in the mountains south of Almaty between Gorge Turgen in the east and Chemolgan River in the west Learn More

Kolsay Lakes National Park
Kolsay Lakes National Park is located on the north slope of the Tian Shan Mountains, southeast Kazakhstan (10 km from the border with Kyrgyzstan). Often referred to as Pearls of Tien Shan, Learn More

Charyn National Park
Charyn National Park officially, Charyn Canyon National Nature Park is a national park in Kazakhstan, stretching along the Charyn River, including Charyn Canyon. The Canyon, with its thinly stratified red sedimentary rock, Learn More

Zhongar-Alatau National Park
Zhongar-Alatau National Park, also Jungar Alatau, or Dzungurian Alatau, was created in 2010 to protect the unique ecology of the Dzungarian Alatau, an isolated, glaciated mountain range in Kazakhstan Learn More

Kapchagay Reservoir
Kapchagay Reservoir, also spelled Qapshaghay Bogeni Reservoir and sometimes referred to as Lake Kapchagay, is a major reservoir in Almaty Region Learn More

The Tien Shan Mountain
The greatest mountains in Kazakhstan are the Tien Shan whose name means Heavenly Mountains. Its highest point is Peak Pobedy (7, 439m) but it is located in Kyrgyzstan. Learn More

Alagordy Peak
Gora Alagordy is a mountain in the Dzungarian Alatau range of the Tian Shan mountains systems. It is located on the international border between Kazakhstan and China. Learn More

Khan Tengri Peak
Khan Tengri is a mountain of the Tian Shan mountain range. It is on the China—Kyrgyzstan—Kazakhstan tripoint, east of lake Issyk Kul. Its geologic elevation is 6,995 m (22,949 ft), but its glacial icecap rises to 7,010 m (22,999 ft). Learn More

Talgar Peak
Peak Talgar is a northern peak in the Tian Shan mountain range in Kazakhstan, named after Talgar river and city. It is the highest peak of the Trans-Ili Alatau. Due to its close proximity to the former capital of Kazakhstan, Learn More

Saryesik-Atyrau Desert
The Saryesik Atyrau Desert stretches for about 400 km south of Lake Balkhash in eastern Kazakhstan. It is a sand desert, relatively ecologically healthy with little erosion. There are a great number of small lakes and ponds in the desert, Learn More

The Singing Dune in Altyn Emel
The peculiar dune or as the locals call it barkhan is located in the corridor between the Dzhungarian Alatau Range and the Big and Small Kalkans Ridges on the territory Learn More

The Charyn Canyon
Being called a smaller carbon copy or a younger brother of the Grand Canyon in America, the Charyn Canyon is located 200 km from Almaty. This gorge is about three kilometers long with rocks of unusual red and orange colour. Learn More

Tamgaly Petroglyphs
Tamgaly is a petroglyph site in the Zhetysu of Kazakhstan. Tamgaly became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004. Tamgaly is located 170 km (by road) northwest of Almaty. Learn More

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