Alakol Wings Festival

About Alakol Wings Festival

Alakol Wings welcomes the month of May, and is the one and only festival in Kazakhstan that is intended for bird watchers. In 2018 Alakol Wings celebrated its sixth appearance, which is traditionally on the shores of Alakol Lake in the Almaty Province.

By the way, Alakol Lake is famous for its healing capacities and, moreover, it is a key area for ornithologists. Professional ornithologists esteem this area as one of the most favourable routes in the world for bird migration. In this area we can observe the route of bird flow from Central and Eastern Europe as well as from the Central and Western Asia. From there the routes are flowing to the south – in the direction of the Central and Eastern Africa.

The festival takes place in May since spring is the time for the birds’ seasonal migration in Kazakhstan; the time when, experts estimate, more than five million birds fly in here!

The birds return to their nests from these warm regions in huge flocks, and some of them even have already raised chicks by that time, so this creates a wonderful environment for bird watching.

Here you can see pink flamingos and curly pelicans, white and grey herons, spoonbills, swans, grey-backs of various species. For the advanced bird watchers, undoubtedly, they would fancy observing a relict seagull (Larus relictus).

For the guests of the festival there are field tours on specially equipped transporters along the lake shore and through the mountain gorges of Jetisy Alatau (Dzungarian). The staff of the Alakol Nature Reserve are leading ornithologists and bird watchers from around the country, and they arrange informative lectures, presentations for visitors. The festival is interesting for both newcomers and advanced bird watchers. Especially when they can all participate in special bird tours. The main goal of the event is to develop and promote ornithological tourism in Kazakhstan, by exploring nature through bird watching.

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