Akkaragai Mountain and Konyr-Aulie Cave

About Akkaragai Mountain and Konyr-Aulie Cave

The Konyr-Aulie Cave is located in the Bayanaul Mountains, in Akkaragai Mountain to be exact. It is on the territory of the Bayanaul National Park in eastern Kazakhstan, 17 km northeast of village Bayanaul. The entrance is so narrow that only one person will squeeze through, but it gradually widens to 40 m. The depth is 120 m. There are wooden steps leading to the 5-metre deep underground lake.

According to popular beliefs, if you dive into the waters of the sacred lake, it will heal many diseases. This cave also used to be a hiding place and a perfect shelter for a whole village with all its citizens and cattle; they were hiding here during the Dzungarian invasion. The armies also used it as a hide-out. Thousands of Kazakh warriors would wait for the night in the cave to go behind enemy lines. This very cave is described in Mukhtar Auezov’s novel “Abay’s Way” and is also included in the list of 100 sacred objects of Kazakhstan. Interestingly, there are several more caves with the same name in the country (in Bayanaul and in the south of the country). There are legends that after the Great Flood, the descendants of the Prophet Nuh found shelter in these caves. Rumour has it that this cave is the burial site of Genghis Khan.

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