Ak-Bulak Ski Resort

About Ak-Bulak Ski Resort

Ak-Bulak ski resort is located 50 km east of Almaty and 10 km from Talgar town. There is no direct public transport service, so you can get there by car or by a custom-made transfer. The slopes of the resort are located in the Zailiysky Alatau Gorge and are open to the public all year round. Entertainment options vary depending on the season. In winter, it is skiing and snowboarding, in summer – hiking, cycling, horseback or quad bikes riding. There is also an ice skating-rink and a concert ground Ak-Aidyn, an equestrian complex called Tulpar where you can get some training, as well as a tennis court, a gym, a mini-football field and boxing rings. Lovers of more relaxing pastimes can unwind in a spa-center with an indoor pool, a VIP-sauna, do some bowling, play billiards and enjoy other entertainment. There is also a children’s health camp here.

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